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Soldiers who know no wine and no penumbra
behead the sirens on the seas of lead.
Night, black statue of prudence, holds
the moon's round mirror in her hand.

  1. Lorca 像一个长不大的孩子,他是爱国的进步的,但是是不是爱到要为之献身的程度,很值得怀疑。

  2. Lorca 是见一个爱一个的,除了 Dali 还有众多的花边史。他固然写出了激情洋溢的 Ode to Salvador Dali,但是他的激情似乎缺乏韧性。

  3. Dali 大概是上个世纪上文艺界里面的一个张扬的谜,他是太多符号的汇总,总之也许并不是那么可爱的。且看他对 Lorca 的公开评论。太刻薄了。

Pure rose, clean of artifice and rough sketches,
opening for us the slender wings of the smile.
(Pinned butterfly that ponders its flight.)
Rose of balance, with no self-inflicted pains.
Always the rose!

You love a matter definite and exact,
where the toadstool cannot pitch its camp.
You love the architecture that builds on the absent
and admit the flag simply as a joke.

是英国男演员都有演 gay 的情结吗?希斯莱杰《断背山》,裘德洛《王尔德和他的情人》,现在这个是Robert Pattinson 的《达利和他的情人》。

我最喜欢的片段是 Dali 把 Lorca 带到家乡,两个人在一间破屋子里面,一个作画,一个作诗,这就是传说中的琴瑟之好吗?太美丽的画面了。另外就是 Dali 和 Lorca,多年之后的那次相聚,乍看上去 Dali 是强势的成功的,他向 Lorca 炫耀自己的人生,并且邀请他加入。但当 Lorca 最后拒绝他的时候,Dali 听起来依然狂妄,实际上已是哀求。


The current of time pools and gains order
in the numbered forms of century after century.
And conquered Death takes refuge trembling
in the tight circle of the present instant.

申博体育开户,May fingerprints of blood on gold
streak the heart of eternal Catalunya.
May stars like falconless fists shine on you,
while your painting and your life break into flower.

Man treads firmly on the cobbled streets.
Crystals hide from the magic of reflections.
The Government has closed the perfume stores.
The machine perpetuates its binary beat.

A desire for forms and limits overwhelms us.
Here comes the man who sees with a yellow ruler.
Venus is a white still life
and the butterfly collectors run away.

综上所述,Little Ashes 注定是一个小众的电影。试想一般人看电影都是为了找乐,这个片子是找事儿的。

The modern painters in their white ateliers
clip the square root's sterilized flower.
In the waters of the Seine a marble iceberg
chills the windows and scatters the ivy.

Little Ashes 的配乐,额的神,简直太好听了,喧宾夺主的好听,西班牙风情。我不相信什么人会不为之打动。即使讨厌这个电影的人,也会爱上它的配乐,就好听到了这种程度。


He was homosexual, as everyone knows, and madly in love with me. He tried to screw me twice .... I was extremely annoyed, because I wasn’t homosexual, and I wasn’t interested in giving in. Besides, it hurts. So nothing came of it. But I felt awfully flattered vis-à-vis the prestige. Deep down I felt that he was a great poet and that I owe him a tiny bit of the Divine Dalí's asshole.'

The world is dull penumbra and disorder
in the foreground where man is found.
But now the stars, concealing landscapes,
reveal the perfect schema of their courses.


An absence of forests and screens and brows
roams across the roofs of the old houses.
The air polishes its prism on the sea
and the horizon rises like a great aqueduct.

A hard diadem of white brigantines
encircles bitter foreheads and hair of sand.
The sirens convince, but they don't beguile,
and they come if we show a glass of fresh water.

When you take up your palette, a bullet hole in its wing,
you call on the light that brings the olive tree to life.
The broad light of Minerva, builder of scaffolds,
where there is no room for dream or its hazy flower.

But above all I sing a common thought
that joins us in the dark and golden hours.
The light that blinds our eyes is not art.
Rather it is love, friendship, crossed swords.


Sanitary soul, you live upon new marble.
You run from the dark jungle of improbable forms.
Your fancy reaches only as far as your hands,
and you enjoy the sonnet of the sea in your window.

Federico Garcia Lorca - Ode to Salvador Dali

You call on the old light that stays on the brow,
not descending to the mouth or the heart of man.
A light feared by the loving vines of Bacchus
and the chaotic force of curving water.

说到演员,演 Lorca 的那个属于特型演员哦,因为他长的和那个诗人本人真像,Robert Pattinson 长的和 Salvador Dali 一点都不像,可以看出他极尽全力的在演,但还是不像。有人说他演的 Dali 太帅了,我倒不觉得,因为真实的 Dali 也很帅,年轻的时候,可能比 Robert Pattinson 更帅。Edward Cullen 是不需要演的,耍酷就好了,怎么酷怎么来,按照小说里面的描述,那就是一个天下最完美的存在。所以我觉得 Robert Pattinson 想通过 Little Ashes 证明自己是有演技的。实际上看他演的还真是差点火候。但是如果不是有他,这么小众的一个片子将更不可思议的小众无边。我觉得这是他至今演的最好的电影。

The steel compass tells its short, elastic verse.
Unknown clouds rise to deny the sphere exists.
The straight line tells of its upward struggle
and the learned crystals sing their geometries.

4.Dali 和 Lorca,我之前压根没有听说过,更别是 Luis Bunel 了。


Oh Salvador Dali, of the olive-colored voice!
I speak of what your person and your paintings tell me.
I do not praise your halting adolescent brush,
but I sing the steady aim of your arrows.

The fish in the fishbowl and the bird in the cage.
You refuse to invent them in the sea or the air.
You stylize or copy once you have seen
their small, agile bodies with your honest eyes.

You do well when you post warning flags
along the dark limit that shines in the night.
As a painter, you refuse to have your forms softened
by the shifting cotton of an unexpected cloud.

I sing your fair struggle of Catalan lights,
your love of what might be made clear.
I sing your astronomical and tender heart,
a never-wounded deck of French cards.

Not the picture you patiently trace,
but the breast of Theresa, she of sleepless skin,
the tight-wound curls of Mathilde the ungrateful,
our friendship, painted bright as a game board.

Her fishermen sleep dreamless on the sand.
On the high sea a rose is their compass.
The horizon, virgin of wounded handkerchiefs,
links the great crystals of fish and moon.

此片是唯美的,画片太唯美了,连 Dali 说完 Viva la revolution 之后,和 Lorca 逃跑的那个小巷,都是特别美的。基本上可以当是一个西班牙风光的宣传片。

其实如果不是 Robert Pattinson,我肯定压根不会看这个片子,通常我对这类片子都是感觉恶心,不可理解。此外还有更多的理由:

Cadaqués, at the fulcrum of water and hill,
lifts flights of stairs and hides seashells.
Wooden flutes pacify the air.
An ancient woodland god gives the children fruit.




当然也有很多其他煽情的地方,如果两个人在水里面游泳,一轮满月加上波光粼粼。Dali在收音机里面听闻Lorca死去的消息,把一块画板涂黑,再涂黑,然后就是 Gala告诉他客人已经到了,Dali用黑色的手略去眼旁边的泪水,当然是脸也更黑了,最后他挤出笑容,变着调的说:J'arrive。但我觉得,这些过于煽情的片段,有些演绎了。

Oh Salvador Dali, of the olive-colored voice!
I do not praise your halting adolescent brush
or your pigments that flirt with the pigment of your times,
but I laud your longing for eternity with limits.

But also the rose of the garden where you live.
Always the rose, always, our north and south!
Calm and ingathered like an eyeless statue,
not knowing the buried struggle it provokes.

看完这个电影之后,就是不自觉的去多多了解 Dali 和 Lorca,了解之后发现,其实他们的真实人生,和电影里面的描写还是有很大区别的。

Don't watch the water clock with its membraned wings
or the hard scythe of the allegory.
Always in the air, dress and undress your brush
before the sea peopled with sailors and ships.

Luis Bunel 也是很可爱的,我不知道有多少人会这样认为,这个片子里面把他描写成了一个 Dali 和 Lorca 关系的挑拨者,几乎是个反派,但我觉得他是很真性情的人,那个演员演的真好,我甚至觉得他比 Dali 还要酷。


A rose in the high garden you desire.
A wheel in the pure syntax of steel.
The mountain stripped bare of Impressionist fog,
The grays watching over the last balustrades.

I sing your restless longing for the statue,
your fear of the feelings that await you in the street.
I sing the small sea siren who sings to you,
riding her bicycle of corals and conches.